In May 2014, I went “wwoofing” for the first time. I wished for a new experience, get to know the people living in the country I’m travelling to, see things from a different point of view… and I wished to improve my Danish language skills:) I didn’t know what it would be like; I was just curious about what this adventurous idea would bring. But what I experienced was far beyond all my expectations!

A wonderful host-family welcomed me at their cosy house and beautiful farm. From day one I felt as a part of the whole and became included in the daily routine, although I was quite unexperienced in farm work… But they put so much friendly confidence into my abilities-! I quickly became familiar to the work with the strong cows and the charming calves. For about two weeks, my world was turning around the jersey’s milking and feeding rhythm and the needs of the season.

I met some very nice and down-to-earth people there – it was so much fun and such a valuable exchange of ideas! Healthy and delicious food surrounded me all day… I tasted the best bread and cheese ever… and got to know interesting recipes that I will keep in mind.

AND, of course, my host family talked in Danish to me:) I was so glad about their patience and encouragement! It’s a difficult language, and yet I hadn’t been learning it for a long time, but I enjoyed all the conversations – the Danish as well as the English ones!

I was so, so lucky by having been there, and I hoped to return one day – and until then, I would continue my Danish lessons…:)

The reunion actually took place in september 2014 already! A friend of the family saw the photos I took from the farm, and he invited me to his village nearby, Sønder-Felding, to take pictures from this beautiful place. I felt absolutely honored and lucky again – and travelled to Denmark once more.

And in June 2015, I enjoyed showing the area to my friend Andreas Eberle (and took some new photos again of course:))