First Milky Way 2021

In early spring, the milky way rises just late at night. So in April 2021, I headed out to “Beloved Black Forest”, as the forecast predicted clear skies.

Although I experienced it many times: The first gaze towards the vast sky just after arrival, the first breath of clear, cold night air, the feel of the universe so close – this first moment is enchanting, every time.

Despite of the world being upside-down these times – milky way is still there, unaltered, still waiting, far from all care, every year, and will still be there long after we’ll be disappeared and long forgotten. Such vast things that surround us seem to whisper through eternity “all the issues bothering you are just… ephemeral”.

Being out there all alone, all night, enlaced by silence and coldness and darkness and faraway light, without anyone in reach – this is pure freedom. This is really soothing and healing the worried mind.