First Milky Way 2021

In ear­ly spring, the mil­ky way rises just late at night. So in April 2021, I hea­ded out to “Bel­oved Black Forest”, as the fore­cast pre­dic­ted clear ski­es.

Alt­hough I expe­ri­en­ced it many times: The first gaze towards the vast sky just after arri­val, the first breath of clear, cold night air, the feel of the uni­ver­se so clo­se – this first moment is enchan­ting, every time.

Despi­te of the world being upsi­de-down the­se times – mil­ky way is still the­re, unal­te­red, still wai­ting, far from all care, every year, and will still be the­re long after we’ll be dis­ap­peared and long for­got­ten. Such vast things that sur­round us seem to whisper through eter­ni­ty “all the issues bothe­ring you are just… eph­eme­ral”.

Being out the­re all alo­ne, all night, enla­ced by silence and cold­ness and dark­ness and fara­way light, wit­hout anyo­ne in reach – this is pure free­dom. This is real­ly soot­hing and heal­ing the worried mind.