Falling Star

There are times and a places to fall deeply in love with.

This was a real­ly spe­cial moment for me: Fal­ling star and mil­ky way abo­ve the abso­lut­e­ly quiet bar­ri­er lake.
I’ve never seen such a huge and bright fal­ling star befo­re (and I’ve seen many). It flew quite a long time and bur­ned up colorful­ly.
I was so per­fect­ly stun­ned that I missed to press the but­ton ear­lier. So this pic­tu­re actual­ly only shows the very end of the spec­ta­cle.
I don’t mind. Some moments just lea­ve you unable to act or react, and may­be it’s meant to be like that. It’s tho­se moments that are made for YOU. -
I dedi­ca­ted it to a spe­cial per­son who had pas­sed away tho­se days. -

It’s a beau­tiful pic­tu­re any­way