Black Forest Milky Way

“The young and the aged”

Rising milky way above a young tree and over the landscape in Black Forest. 💛

This was my first night for shooting the milky way in 2018. The first spot, peak of a slope that I had been hiking up, I fled because of wild boar. Really creepy to hear their grunting if you’re out there all alone, about one kilometer away from the car. The second spot was perfect. I fell in love with this small young tree and decided to give it a central position on the pano. So delicate beneath the vast, billion years old milky way. I stayed out there for about 5 hours, didn’t want to leave while the milky way still looked so beautiful. Went home at dawn! At this point, it’s absolutely wonderful to be out there all alone, without someone asking you to go home, or talking, or bothering you in any way. It’s complete freedom.